Mommy & Me Heritage Park

Mommy & Me sessions are so near and dear to my heart. Especially, this mommy and these littles, because this is my daughter and my granddaughters.

Every day moms are caught up in the hustle and bustle of being a mom, raising littles, caring for the house, oftentimes working a full time job and trying to maintain a relationship with her hubby. It often seems there is Zero time to just relax and enjoy those kiddos, let alone take time to create lasting images with them. When mom’s do have the time to unwind and enjoy the kids, usually noone is around to capture the moment(s) and then they are gone.

Children are only little once and it goes by so incredibly fast. It seems like just yesterday my own daughter was this age. Having professional images to cherish for a lifetime is so important. I offer refer to these images as “Markers” in your relationships. They mark particular moments of time that you look back on and the image brings a flood of memories. The image doesn’t only remind you of this occasion when you took pictures. No, it will remind you of so much more: this age, these personalities, how much you loved them and enjoyed them, how little they really were and all that was going on in your lives together at this particular point in time.

We started this session off two hours before sunset and you can see the golden light filtering through the trees. We started by having them just sit on the ground together for some posed group shots.

Then we gave the littlest one the hat and she just began to come alive in her own unique little way. I honestly believe (and you can almost see in the pictures) that she was in her own imaginary world somewhere.

A simple prop in the hand of a little one can be the best tool. It is impossible to have them sit still for very long, but put something in their hands and give them something to do with it and Voila you have created a space for their personality to shine.

I just love the imagination of a child; don’t you?

Be still my poor hear! I love this girl so much!! More than that, I absolutely love it when people become increasingly relaxed and at ease as the session goes on and they begin to open up and enjoy themselves and the people they are with. As the photographer it is beautiful to watch. Obviously, this was even more of a joy for me in this particular session. She hates being center stage and hates having her picture taken. Yet, here she is just completely at ease. Beautiful!

It is often said about Portrait Photography, “Natural moments do not happen naturally”. It’s true. I love to create a space, and give some simple instructions that provide opportunities for personalities and relationships bubble to the surface, naturally.

Here’s what I mean. When you put a mom and a daughter this close to each other chances are they will giggle and in this case it was my daughter’s natural reaction to tickle her daughter completely unprompted. It’s just part of who they are together as a mom and a daughter.

Here’s another example. Above, I asked them to look at each other. So precious the love of a mom and a daughter.

Here’s my granddaughter’s natural reaction. Being that close to her mom and looking at her in the eye caused her to automatically want to kiss her on the cheek. How precious is that. This is a reflection of their relationship with each other at this moment in time. These pictures will forever “mark” the nature of that relationship. Won’t it be wonderful as they grow physically and their relationship with each other grows and changes and even endures some trials… they will always remember these times and these affections.

Below, I lost focus a bit – so it’s not technically a great image. Relationally though, it’s priceless. My daughter’s loving response and her daughter’s obvious pleasure in being loved by her mom.

Moms, let me free you up. Investing in Family Portraits, especially portraits of you and your children is NOT a frivolous luxury. On the contrary, it is a wise investment in your family’s heritage. Home’s filled with these “markers” of the love you share together are homes filled with daily encouragement and hope for a new day. These Portraits become for everyone in your home joyful reminders when the days are long and the grind seems endless of just how important your relationships and these children are.

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