Siesta Key with the Fischer Family

Have you ever met someone and spent only a brief amount of time with them and find yourself to be falling in love with them in such a short amount of time. Well that is exactly how I felt with the Fischer family from the first moment I met them. Okay. I know what you are going to say! Gwen, you fall in love with all your clients. It’s true!! I do! But that definitely does not take away from how special my time was with this most beautiful family!

The Fischers were in Florida on a family vacation and wanted to have family portraits made because their oldest son will be moving on to pursue his career in Cosmetology & Hair Design after finishing high school. I am always nervous before a photo session which makes me mindful that they could be nervous too. My goal always when I first arrive at a session is to put my clients at ease, especially the children. If the children are at ease, likely the parents will be too. It is also super important to me to know each person’s name.

I was super fortunate when I arrived on the scene because the kids were coming to the balcony one by one to hang their towels out to dry and I got to introduce myself to each of them and be sure I had their names. They were super friendly and I could tell right away, this was going to be a complete joy!


I think on first meeting the Fischer family, you just can’t help but fall in love with their smiles. Each of them has the most beautiful, genuine smile. They were just as at ease with me as they were each other. I also super loved the way Mr. Fischer greeted every person passing us when we were shooting in the middle of the walkway and invited them to join the fun. I also loved the way the kids were concerned about someone we unintentionally uprooted from their spot on the beach.

I think what I most loved about the Fischer family was their parents. These parents and these children made such a huge impression on my heart. These kids so reflected the joy and love of their parents. Each child has the exact same smile as the parents. It is a full on, nothing to hide kind of genuine smile that just reaches out and grabs your heart.

We had an amazing evening on Siesta Key Beach. I was so honored to get to do their family portraits. I enjoyed them so much. I definitely hope I get to do their family portraits next year because this year left me wanting to get to know them better!!

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