Max & Ellen’s Engagement

It was a stroll through the park with these two and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I got to spend with them.

Max is my oldest nephew. He’s the oldest brother of 5 boys and he’s the oldest cousin of 12. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching him grow up and become the man he is today. Ellen and Max have been a couple for nearly 7 years. I don’t get to spend as much time with them as I would like to, but every occasion I have to spend with Ellen I always come away desiring more time with her.

The University of Tampa is a beautiful place to explore. Max and Ellen chose this location because of it’s rich Tampa History, it’s close proximity to them and it’s natural setting along the Hillsborough River.

I just love their sense of style. They did a beautiful job selecting their outfits and they just pop right out of this backdrop. Oh and can we just talk about her shoes for a second? Her shoes add a just a touch of panache, they elongate her beautiful legs and draw their outfits together beautifully.

Being able to celebrate Max & Ellen’s engagement by creating images with them is a huge honor for me, especially as their Aunt Gwen. These moments have become memories that I too will treasure forever. I loved having a birds eye view of their uncontrollable urge to kiss one another sweetly whenever I asked them to stand face to face. Their faces would just light up and they looked at each other as if I wasn’t even there and then they would kiss. I got to experience their love for one another in a way that I would normally not be able to.

I have always noticed how Max lights up when he is with Ellen. It is simply undeniable. After sharing the evening with the both of them celebrating their engagement, I am so glad thankful my nephew has found someone to share life with that loves and enjoys him the way Ellen does. It was truly so beautiful to witness. At one point Ellen exclaimed that she was the luckiest girl in the world to get to share her life with Max. How wonderful! Clearly they are both pretty lucky to have found one another.

Max & Ellen, I am so excited to celebrate with you as you covenant in marriage. May goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your lives together!! Love, Aunt Gwen

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